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Was Designed With Carriers In Mind, to provide added value to your customers.

Shippers & Brokers Can Track Carriers
Freight & Cargo In Real Time via GPS
From Origin To Destination Displaying
Longitude and Latitude & Time Stamps.

TrackingMeter has a NEW Built-in ELD
Compliance Feature called TracELDLoads,
and with prior permission of the Driver,
Shippers will have the assurance that their,
Freight meets the New FMCSA Guidelines.

TrackingMeter also has a Accident Report
Feature, that can provide Shippers with
a 5 year Accident Report on CDL Drivers,
when shipping their sensitive freight.

Additional Features Carrier Can Now Enjoy

  • Charge brokers and shippers a fee to track you
  • Privacy: TrackingMeter Is Deactivated (Controlled By The Driver ONLY)
  • Ghost: TrackingMeter Only Provides The Remaining Distance to the Destination
  • GPS: TrackingMeter Provide Real Time GPS Tracking With Maps and H.O.S.
  • Verifying Hours Of Service (H.O.S)
  • Electronic Log Device (ELD) Verification
  • Tracking Reports Per Carrier / Broker / 3PL
  • Pre-Screening To Prevent The Risk Of Fraud
  • Minute By Minute Tracking Notifications

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